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This Inner-healing web site is a resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing.

My desire is to support people in their own healing through the compassionate and courageous work of their hearts. 


Stephen and Ondrea Levine

I have come to find out that Stephen and Ondrea Levine have been ill.

Without knowing me personally, they have had a profound impact on my life through their workshops and books. They have long been my mentors, teachers and guides about connecting with and trusting the unsurpassed spaciousness, compassion, mercy and forgiveness of our hearts. They have deeply touched our world with such love and grace.

Below is a letter about them asking for donations from those who may have also have been touched by their lives and would like to contribute or leave a comment for them.


Monday, December 17, 2007

An Open Letter from Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, and Sharon Salzberg

Dear Friends,

We are writing to ask your support for two beloved friends of ours,
Stephen and Ondrea Levine. They are currently facing significant
difficulty. After a life-time of giving, they are now at a time to
receive from those of us whose lives have been touched by their
presence and teaching.

Their greatest needs are financial. Ondrea has Leukemia and the costs of her insurance and treatment have used up their savings. Stephen's health is not good either, and he is too frail to travel or teach. When we heard about this, we felt moved to contribute to a fund set up for them, and to encourage others to do the same.

Stephen and Ondrea have been among our generation's most important teachers, demonstrating and encouraging others to embrace the power of love and generosity. For three years, they ran a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week free phone line for those dying or in need of support. When the phone bills got too high, they sold their house to keep the project going. For decades they regularly corresponded with thousands people who were seeking spiritual guidance, giving freely to those in need, many of whom were sick or in the final years of their life.

The circle has now come around, allowing us the opportunity to give
to these two life-long givers. We hope to raise several hundred
thousand dollars in small and large donations to help them through this time.

Caring for friends and teachers is an essential part of any spiritual life. As we age, spiritual friends are more important than ever. Stephen and Ondrea have been dear spiritual friends to us and to thousands of others through their books, workshops, and correspondence.

If you are one of these people and are moved to give, below are three ways to donate to the Levine Fund at Bread for the Journey. Bread for the Journey informs us that donations are tax deductible.

With gratitude and love,

Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, and Sharon Salzberg

Mail: Send to: Bread for the Journey, 267 Miller Ave., Mill Valley,
California 94941. In the letter, please enclose a note indicating that
your gift is for the Stephen and Ondrea Levine Fund and in the note
section of your check write "Levine Fund." In honor of the
immeasurable gifts Stephen and Ondrea have given to the family of
the earth, Bread for the Journey has generously offered to manage the fund with 100% of your donation going to the Levine Fund.

Online: click here and designate the donation to the Levine Fund: http://www.justgive.org/giving/donate.jsp?charityId=3583&is

Phone: call 415-383-4600 with a credit card number.


To leave a comment online for Stephen and Ondrea, go to the following link and then to the bottom of the comments section:


Interview with Stephen and Ondrea Levine - New Mexico -

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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